Why Florida Needs Tourism Marketing

Why Florida Needs Tourism Marketing

By Samantha Warren

February 2, 2017


Visit Florida, the state’s official tourism marketing corporation, has nearly tripled its budget since 2009. Tourism is one of the main sources of job creation in Florida. In 2015, tourism created 1.2 million jobs for Floridians. It’s no doubt that tourism marketing gives unemployed Floridians many opportunities to work, provide for their families, and pave paths to success.

Gov. Rick Scott consistently applauds Florida’s record tourism. However, the funding of tourism in Florida raises speculation among other government officials. In 2015, Visit Florida signed a lucrative $1 million deal with pop singer-songwriter Pitbull for him to promote tourism in Florida. After the deal was revealed to the public, Gov. Scott sent a letter to Visit Florida and asked the board chairman, William Talbert, to step down.

The ill-advised deal made some Florida legislators want to slash the tourism marketing budget. The new Florida House Speaker, Richard Corcoran, has already threatened to cut Visit Florida’s entire budget. However, many legislators believe that the government should continue to provide Visit Florida with substantial funding. While tourism marketing might not seem like it has a direct impact on Florida’s economy and business, it actually does. It’s important to look at the whole picture and consider small businesses. The majority of small businesses wouldn’t survive without tourism marketing. The prosperity of small businesses in Florida is directly related to the success of the tourism industry. In fact, Visit Florida provides grants to local businesses through the Small Business Grant program, which helps Visit Florida’s small business partners by optimizing their tourism advantages.

So, why else is tourism marketing important? Florida is the #1 travel destination in the world, but it wouldn’t be if it weren’t for marketing. With progressive and proactive strategies, Visit Florida continuously increases the economic benefits tourism brings. Tourism marketing in Florida has three main objectives: to increase the number of people visiting Florida, the length of the visitors’ trips, and the amount of money spent by visitors during their time in Florida.  The largest category of spending by tourists in Florida is restaurants and dining,

For every dollar spent on tourism marketing, Florida generates $177 in tourism spending and $11 in sales tax collections. Cutting spending on tourism marketing will cause the economy to suffer. Strategic marketing builds economies and raises incomes.

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