6 Ways the Smartphone Changed Society

6 Ways the Smartphone Changed Society By Samantha Warren Janurary 17, 2017 The first ever phone to feature software applications and a touch screen was the IBM Simon, which debuted in 1992, although the term “smartphone” wasn’t coined until 1995. Simon’s many applications included a calendar, address book, appointment scheduler, calculator and clock. Smartphones have[…]


Validation at First Swipe – How Tinder Has Changed the Game

Validation at First Swipe By  Samantha Schwartz September 30, 2016             I’m just going to assume we have all swiped left or right on Tinder at least once. Whether it was on your own or you living vicariously through your single friend, there is undoubtedly something satisfying about anonymously swiping on[…]


An Apple a Year – Planned Obsolescence Within the Tech Industry

An Apple a Year Keeps the Problems All-Clear Planned Obscelecense Within the Tech Industry By    Colton O’Dwyer September 8, 2016 Apple and Planned Obsolescence.                            With Apple releasing their new iteration of the iPhone this week, many people are up in arms about the removal of the traditional headphone jack. Because they couldn’t kill the iPhone[…]