Popup Christmas Bars: Claus and Effect

Popup Christmas Bars: Claus and Effect

By Andrew Gormally

December 1, 2016

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            The pumpkins, witches, and ghosts have come and gone, only to be replaced with Christmas decorations. Malls are filling their empty spaces with retailers that are happy with a brief stay. These pop up shops are only in town for a month to some only being open for three days. These short term retailers sell toys, ornaments, and even ugly Christmas sweaters. Holiday markets are a great opportunity to get your shopping done early by buying local products.

            Holiday markets are not a new craze, but there is a new form of popup shops that are getting adults into the doors. They are called Christmas Bars. They are bars and pubs that are themed for the holidays. Blasting Christmas music, stockings hanging, and even fake snow. Patrons can enjoy the best parts of the holiday with themed cocktails and their favorite holiday delivery man.

           A bar in Washington D.C. has a heater-filled tent equipped with a DJ and fully stocked beer garden, but also offers something other bars don’t. They sell Christmas trees. Attendees can tie one on in more than one way. Trees run from $35-$65 depending on size, with proceeds benefiting local charities. 


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           This is not the first year people are reclaiming holiday cheer by drinking it. Miracle on Ninth Street expands 15 bars and restaurants around the world. These bars will be serving holiday cocktails in themed glassware.

            While some of these bars are only open until Christmas eve, some have found so much success pulling on holiday heartstrings that they are staying open year-round. A former tequila bar in Orlando, FL has become one of the most popular yuletide watering holes. Originally opening in August, the bar has become one of the favorite stops in the downtown area. Where will you be getting your favorite holiday beverage at before they melt?

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