Our Thanksgiving Message

Our Thanksgiving Message

By  Samantha Schwartz

November 22, 2016

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       Despite the Armageddon of the last year we endured, we still manage to gather around the dining room to munch on turkey so dry even gravy can’t save (if my mom is the one cooking it). Despite some of us taking blame for some of 2016’s wrong turns, let’s spare ourselves. The only regret we should feel this Thursday is the one induced by our third slice of pumpkin pie.

        For me, Thanksgiving is about listening to Aunt Tina talk about the practicality of silk underwear in cold weather and how it’s on sale at Target right now. Thanksgiving is about going in the kitchen to help your mom cook Thanksgiving dinner when she asked for help but then yelled at you for being in the kitchen and getting in her way (you can’t have it both ways, Mom). Thanksgiving is about testing your stomach’s expansion levels and at what point you must unbutton your jeans. Thanksgiving is about slipping your dog some green beans under the table because they are hands down the worst vegetable. But mostly importantly, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks (I bet you didn’t see that one coming).

       If you need a better reason for the season, examine your own health. Turns out being grateful actually impacts your immune healthy so greatly, it can help you live longer. And if you live longer, think about just how many more slices of pie you could fit into your lifetime…So thank you Mom for tagging me in everything you see on Facebook. Thank you Dad for only communicating with gifs since you discovered them. Thank you Aunt Tina for singing “Hey Jude” to my dog and letting me record it. And lastly, thank you to my brother Ben for still not accepting my friend request…just kidding, why haven’t you accepted me yet?! I’m your sister! One day a year is not enough to say thank you and I appreciate you.

      So yes, Thanksgiving is about learning about silk underwear, getting yelled at by Mom, changing out of your jeans and into sweats, and by your dog’s love with food they probably know you’re just pawning off to them, and it’s acknowledging that every single one of those things a beauty and rarity special to your own existence and that’s something we should recognize more often than once a year. May your Thanksgiving be full of love and gratitude and may you still be the same jean size Friday morning.

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