Influencer Marketing: Getting People to Like You So They Also Like Your Stuff

Influencer Marketing:

Getting People to Like You So They Also Like Your Stuff

By Samantha Schwartz

December 2, 2016

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            Let’s talk about getting people to like us. How do we do it? For me, it’s my self-deprecating personality and making sure I smell good. Why? Because leveling yourself to everyone is relatable and that’s how we form the brand that is individuality. What about actual brands? Brands need a personality because honestly, it’s their heartbeat, their soul, their connection to us, and therefore their lifeline. As of 2016, brands have found a more efficient solution to speaking to their audience with influencer marketing. If your brand is still skeptical about joining this movement, consider this- in 2016 a group of 170 various marketers surveyed concluded that influencer marketing successfully showcased their brand’s authenticity and therefore targeted their ideal audience. In fact, 77% believed in it “driving engagement around their brand” and 56% said it helped in “driving traffic to their websites”. I don’t know about you, but I will hands- up admit influencer marketing has worked on me. Just based off three or four Instagrams I follow, I’ve never wanted to try Health-Ade Kombucha more in my life…so shout out to influencer marketing for getting me to spend my money and making my gut a little healthier.

            With that being said, brands know who to recruit for their marketing purpose. They need, after all, their influencers. Every influencer is a representative for their genre and therefore their demographic. This is both a challenge and a reprieve for brands for two reasons. It takes the pressure off of trying to find their desired audience on their own because their influencer already provides that. However, with that comes a blind trust in that their influencer’s “following” is truly legitimate.

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             In addition to trusting their influencer with their followers, brands essentially give creative rights to their contributor. It is up to the influencer how they showcase the product they’ve been asked to. However, the trustworthy influencers prove to be those who are “selective with partnerships and maintaining authenticity in the content they create for their audience”. This makes sense as most of their followings will be comprised of millennials turned off by traditional tones of marketing.

            With all this being said, I couldn’t write about influencer marketing with someone who may have been an original pioneering force in it. Let’s give thanks to one of the most successful influential marketers, Mrs. Kim Kardashian West. She has made an empire of her social media content and she states, “It is a talent to have a brand that’s really successful off of getting people to like you for being you”. So, while you may not like Kim, everyone wants to be a millionaire, and it couldn’t hurt to take a page out her book…even if it a book of selfies. So 2017, let’s get influential.

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