July 22, 2016

About AdGrants

What would you do with 10,000 dollars a month in free advertising? You could get your message across to thousands of people, recruit more volunteers, and receive more donations than ever before. Google AdGrants is a program specifically designed for non-profits just like yourself to help spread the word about your cause. You know best how valuable your time is. Don't waste it.

Designed to Help Your Cause.

Google AdGrants support you in your efforts to raise awareness surrounding your cause and will help you change the world. Google Ad Grants offers nonprofits $10,000 per month in the form of AdWords advertising. Your Ad will display on the Google Search Network and reach thousands of potential volunteers and donors. AdGrants provides the medium for you to reach your desired audience.

Using Google Analytics, we can find out more information about your target group. This data can be used to pin-point exactly who is viewing your content. This allows you to zero in on how to optimize your Website to attract your target audience and encourage them to support your organization. No money wasted.

Google AdGrants:

What you will get out of it:

• More visibility.

• More donations.

• Recruit more volunteers.

• 10,000 dollars a month in free advertising.

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Steps to Configuring AdGrants Account:

(Don't worry we will assist you through this process)

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Check Eligibility:

Apply for Google Non-Profit Account:

Enroll in the Google AdGrants Program:

Submit Account pending verification

Create and Customize Account.

Before applying we must confirm that your non-profit will meet Google’s eligibility requirements. Then we can proceed.

If you are cleared, you must then create a Google Non-Profits Account.

Once the account is created, we determine the best method of advertisement that will benefit your organization most.

We review all elements and submit your account for final review by Google.

Lastly, we create your Ad Grants campaigns, optimize them according to Google's recommendations and report the results to you to keep you up to date.

There is even more to get from Google AdGrants.

Google Ad Grants Pro.

If after 6 months of successful AdGrant's campaigns we can potentially receive up to 40,000 USD per month from Google. We will optimize your campaigns to fulfill the requirements to qualify for even more free Advertising Budget. We want to assist you in helping others!

With the budget of 10,000 USD and an average Cost per Click (CPC), every month 10,000 users can be directed to your NGO website. If only 1% of these users donate an average amount of 100 USD, your organization can generate up to 100 donations at a total value of 10,000 USD per month*

 *Sample calculation, results may vary

Recently, Google no longer accepts applications for this program.

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