Account Audit

July 13, 2016

Account Audit

Your PPC account is not perfect. We hope you aren’t offended by that. The truth this: no matter how hard you work on building and optimizing your account, you could miss something. An even truer statement is that the longer you work within your account, the easier it is for things to slip through the cracks. Our account audit is quite simply a dive into your account to determine areas that could use further attention in order to optimize performance.

Some Factors We Measure:

• Quality Score

• Click-Through Rate (CTR)

• Account Activity

• Keyword Optimization

• Ad Text Optimization

• Landing Page Optimization

• Much More!
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Why have us look at your PPC account?

Few things are more frustrating than not knowing what’s going on with your PPC campaigns. Whether you are in control of your PPC accounts, or through third-party source, it pays to have a fresh set of eyes to take a look at your account.

Our PPC audit service is perfect for clients who want to know that their efforts aren’t going unrewarded. Our expert PPC managers will thoroughly analyze your account and provide you with advice and solutions to optimize your campaigns and boost their performance. We do this by analyzing your historical PPC data and providing effective recommendations that will ease you in reaching your campaigns' goals. We will pin-point undetected potential in your account and tell you exactly what account changes need to be made to get the best out of your Marketing activities.

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What you can accomplish with performance Marketing:
–Driving an action, as opposed to driving awareness. Furthermore, we do marketing,